Production process

The milking of our cows varies according to the time of year. In summer, they are milked twice a day, since the milk production is greater; and in winter once a day, when milk production decreases. This is a job that requires commitment and dedication, and is done daily.

Every day, dozens of COLUN collection trucks collect the milk from the different sites of our partners, to be taken immediately to our production plants, located in La Unión and Río Bueno. This allows all our products to be made with fresh milk every day.

Before entering the plant, the milk is subjected to various tests to control its quality, safety and legality. Once accepted, it is pasteurized and its level of fat is standardized prior to distribution in the different areas of the plant for transformation into top quality dairy products.

Once the products are manufactured, they are rigorously controlled by microbiological, physicochemical and sensory methods, to guarantee the highest quality standards before reaching consumers. All the stages of the process and their specific controls are supported by auditable records, to guarantee the traceability of the milk and the ingredients used in the manufacturing, as well as the finished products distributed to the market.

Finally, all our products leave our Distribution Center to be delivered throughout Chile and to other countries. This is how we bring all the magic of the south to the table in Chilean and foreign homes.